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Our Return on Investment (ROI) in terms of revenue vs. what we pay eBrandz has been 1800%! I calculated it

David Schnitt, President of IQ BackOffice I.Q. BackOffice, LLC 15821 Ventura Boulevard Suite 500 Encino, CA 91436


IQ BackOffice is a division of R.C. Baral & Co., one of the innovators in the outsourced accounting field, with almost a quarter of a century of service to widely recognized clients such as Walt Disney, Time Warner, Universal, Fox, as well as many other mid-sized firms. With over 60 clients and a large staff with deep expertise in all facets of back office operations, IQ BackOffice can serve the needs of clients of any size. IQ BackOffice is based in California.


David Schnitt, President of IQ BackOffice realized there was a problem when some of his competitors had higher rankings in Google. What particularly puzzled David was "these competitors were much smaller than us and had websites not as nice or comprehensive as ours so I didn't understand why they had a higher ranking than us" Although IQ Backoffice was a well designed site with a search engine friendly structure, the problem was there was no keyword research done on the website. All the title and meta tags were under utilized and there was no plan of action in terms of Search Engine Optimization.


David asked his friend and was recommended to eBrandz. After signing up, David gave a list of his competitors and eBrandz team began their research on these competitors. After consulting with David, a list of targeted keywords were selected. The first thing eBrandz team did was to reflect these keywords in the title and meta tags of IQ BackOffice website. eBrandz also advised David on how to utilize SEO to get maximum benefit from his website.


Currently IQ BackOffice's website is ranked #1 for 2 top keywords in all search engines. Not only that, they now get most of their business from people that visit their website and enquire about their services. In David's own words "Our Return on Investment (ROI) in terms of revenue vs. what we pay eBrandz has been 1800%! I calculated it" So does he recommend eBrandz to others? "Absolutely, except my competitors!"